A day at Masseria Potenti


Whatever your choice, the entirety of the day will be characterized by the slow rhythm of the countryside.
The morning starts with an abundant breakfast, the jams will naturally be the ones that you yourself have seen prepared from our fruit, as will be the pastries and sweets and the typical “ciambella” cakes, fresh from the oven, prepared with local free range eggs and our own wheat.
For lunch, you can ask for a basket with our local “friselle” – seasoned with the sweet tomatoes of the vegetable garden and a savoury, fruity olive oil – as well as seasonal fresh fruit and local cheeses. Once back from the sea you can rest in the fresh and shady gardens, away from the heat.
In the hottest hours of the day, the lifestyle becomes more relaxed and all that can be heard is the soporific sound of the cicadas. Later, the life of the Masseria slowly restarts. When the sun sets, the guests come back from their trips to find again the real atmosphere of the Masseria: the poignant, crimson sunsets, which are reflected on the white walls give a magic lighting to the buildings. In this mystic moment which induces meditation, the only frenetic activity takes place behind the vast windows of the kitchen, from where one can savour the delicious aromas of the Mediterranean cuisine. This profound silence is suddenly broken by the sound of tambourines. Now, with the first cool breeze of the evening, the lessons of “pizzica” and “tarantella” begin, and soon, even the laziest will be infected with the awakening rhythm. Everyone dances with deep enjoyment, and those who are tired after an intense day and prefer to rest will nevertheless take delight in a fascinating performance.
The dinner is served: the guests sit around the long tables, soon becoming a single group, where common interests are discovered and advice on various excursions shared. The buffet allows the freedom of eating as much as wished, and the various dishes will satisfy all tastes.All dishes are prepared following ancient recipes using a careful choice of fresh ingredients, which will have been grown on our land or nearby.