Cillo e Costanza

I still believe in surprises, I love to sing in the car with music at full volume and above all I love true stories. I love weddings where you have fun from the deep, where the details, the flowers, the size of the cake, the wedding favors are secondary and what matters is the living now.<br />
A bit like every day. With your head in the clouds, full of projects and the heart on the ground in a continuous beat for those who have made our lives special and luminous.
  scaricare solidworks craccato

And this is why the marriage of Fabio and Costanza will always remain in my heart. And I’m glad that they chose among many farms in Puglia, just our Masseria Potenti.
I will always hope to have at my side a beloved devotee, who can always see me as the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Feel at home embracing me. Who loves my mess.
But at the same time he curses me by finding my papers and drawings around the house.
If I close my eyes and think about the day of their wedding in July, it comes to my mind: the orange sunset at the end of July in Puglia, the colorful flowers and the smiles and hugs between relatives and friends.
And so I just have to collect happy moments with my photographs for this year.

Enjoy it with me…

Text and pictures from Chiara Tommasino

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